Esther's Custom 18k Yellow Gold and Jadeite Ring

Esther's Custom 18k Yellow Gold and Jadeite Ring


Hi Esther,

It appears that it will be about 13 grams of 18k yellow gold and the jadeite cabochon appears to be about 11 X 15 mm or 12 X 16 mm and will need to have the back sculpted so that it is concave.  The ring size will be a US size 13 or 22.2 mm in inside diameter.  Total price with shipping included will be $2600.  I'll give you 14 days after final delivery and if you were not satisfied in that time timeframe you can send the ring back to me and I will give you a refund of $2600 minus 4%, which would be $2496.  You would be expected to pay return shipping should you like to make the return.

I will make this in 3D and show you how it will look in 3D and then I will also make it in plastic and send that to you for you to look at and try on.  Once we have the ring looking like what you remember I'll make it in 18k gold with the Jadeite cabochon and send that to you.  Overall this will take me around 60 hours to make.  If it takes me more hours the price will still be $2600.

Look this over and see if it looks like everything we discussed.  Thanks!