Kadejah's Custom Jewelry Designs For David's 50th

Kadejah's Custom Jewelry Designs For David's 50th


Hi Kadejah,


Based on your drawings and our numerous discussions we are going to make 24 pieces of jewelry, comprising:


1 pendant

1 ball chain and clasp for the pendant

1 bracelet

1 ring

20 identical charms


These will all be made in solid sterling silver.  Each item will first be made and shown in 3D to give a representation of how everything will look when completed.  The estimated completion time and final delivery will be by the end of October 2018.


Total price with shipping included will be $1800.  I'll give you 14 days after final delivery and if you were not satisfied in that time timeframe you can send the items back to me and I will give you a refund of $1800 minus 4%, which would be $1,728.  Since you're in the US I would pay return shipping should you like to make the return.  This should take me around 40 hours to complete but if it takes me more hours the price will still be $1800.


Look this over and see if it looks like everything we discussed.  Thanks!