I always say there are three words that best describe me, they are, artist, inventor, and scientist.  It’s almost as if I am three different people rolled into one because I spend a great deal of time on each of these areas.  As an artist, I have done all types of art, but in the last decade or so I discovered that my real art talent is related to sculpture.  Along with this line, I got interested in making jewelry and started Universe Becoming to distribute my jewelry creations.  Keyword in that last sentence is making.  I love to build things!  I honestly think I could build anything if I had the time.  I can build anything and I can fix anything.  On top of that I am a pathological perfectionist, so everything I make I do so with a very high degree of quality.  This is very obvious when you hold one of my jewelry pieces in your hands.  I don’t just throw something together and send it out.  Oh no, it’s got to be PERFECT!  Do you have a jewelry idea in mind that you would like to have made into reality?  If so, let's build it!  Send me a message and I'll give you a quote.


I’m an inventor too.  I love to invent things!  I think my ultimate dream in life is to have the opportunity to invent full time.  I love to think of ways to solve the worlds most challenging problems and it would be wonderful to actually work in this area, which brings up the scientist in me.  I have a natural born curiosity centered on wanting to know how the universe works!  As far back as two years old, I used to remove the kitchen cabinets with a butter knife and I still remember why.  The reason was I was so fascinated by how screws worked.  I’m STILL fascinated by how screws work 50 years later!  Along with the rest of the universe; how does the universe work I always wonder.  So fascinating!  Which correlates to, Universe Becoming.  Here’s my thinking behind choosing that name as my jewelry business and brand name.


What is that which is?  I routinely think to myself, nothingness cannot spawn somethingness.  And so, I think the universe was always here.  And this then causes me to wonder about the always.  This eternal forever and ever.  What is it?  What is this slice of reality in the forever?  What is the foundational nature of that which is?  Given that the forever has always been, is there anything new in the forever?  I keep seeing that the answer is yes.  Yes because, in the forever, there is an unlimited probability for something new.  It's a universe becoming something new in the forever and ever.  In the next moment, everything is becoming something new for the very first time in forever.  That's what I'm seeing, in my thoughts for now, in our universe becoming.


I love thinking about this because it is the most difficult thing for us, humans, to think about.  It leads to all kinds of interesting questions like what is life?  What is intelligence?  What will humans be doing billions of years from now?  Will we be like gods compared to how we are now?  Is the universe a life form as well, a God?  So many wonderful questions. . .


My jewelry can also be purchased or custom ordered on Etsy and Amazon as well.